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Fee & organization

How do we get together

Very simple: You make an appointment with me. As a rule, this means that there are no waiting times for you before an appointment. Please allow a certain amount of time in advance for your desired date until a free date is available.

Important: Unfortunately, as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, I cannot bill statutory health insurance companies. If you are looking for psychotherapy financed by health insurance, I have to refer you to licensed and health insurance-approved psychotherapists.

Online appointments

Coaching can be done online without any problems and is not subject to any regulations.

In the field of psychotherapy/trauma therapy, as a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy, I am asked to carry out one of the first appointments as a direct, personal encounter on site as part of my duty of care. After that, the number of online appointments is unlimited.


The fee depends on the type of service.

ForPsychotherapy/Trauma Therapythe price for 60 minutes is EUR 120.00. Sales tax is not charged for this in accordance with Section 4 No. 14 a) of the Sales Tax Act.

Forcoaching and consultingthe price for 60 minutes is EUR 120 plus the applicable sales tax. This results in an hourly rate of EUR 142.80 (at currently 19% VAT).

Any time required in excess of 60 minutes will be billed for every 15 minutes.

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP package): EUR 450.00. Sales tax is not charged for this if the application takes place in the context of an external psychotherapy or a psychotherapy planned by me. In all other cases, the applicable sales tax will be added. This results in a package price of EUR 535.50 (at currently 19% VAT). Payment in installments is possible for the SSP package.Here you can find out what the SSP package includes.

For the preparation of reports, e.g., for health insurance companies, pension insurance, etc., I charge 60.00 EUR per report.

We discuss fees for working with companies individually. I would be happy to make an offer for this.

Expenditure of time

A first appointment usually lasts between 90 and 120 minutes. Here a detailed anamnesis and a first application take place. Follow-up appointments are somewhat shorter and usually last between 60 and 90 minutes. Please allow 90 minutes for a CRM session.

In an appointment, internal processes may take place that do not end exactly after the planned time. This can result in a higher expenditure of time. Normally, however, 120 minutes are not exceeded. As an exception, a previously agreed block session applies here, which can last several hours or is carried out compactly on consecutive days. This is useful if you are traveling from further afield.

Log Sumup

During the on-site appointment, you can pay in cash or conveniently by card. You will then receive an invoice by email with a note on the cash or card payment for your documents.

I chose the provider SumUp. You will receive a receipt by email or SMS immediately after payment. SumUp is of course PCI-DSS certified. You can find more information about data protection and security directly on the payment service provider’s websitethis link.

Online appointments will be billed afterwards, you will receive an invoice and can transfer it.

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