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Quality in coaching


What is coaching, what isn't it?

Coaching is process support, i.e. I support you in developing your own solutions for professional or personal goals. We work together interactively and at eye level to make blind spots visible, to recognise new points of view and then to find new options for action.
Coaching is not therapy, counselling or training!

Quality in my Coaching

The term 'coaching' is not protected. This means that anyone can offer services and call them coaching. In order to give interested parties and clients some guidance and reassurance about the quality of coaching, I am a member of two major coaching associations:

  • The International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am a certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC). This certification is only awarded if the coach can demonstrate at least 125 hours of training, mentor coaching, an exam and at least 500 hours of coaching with clients. In addition, recertification must take place after three years.

  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). I am accredited as a Senior Practitioner (SP). This accreditation is only awarded if the coach has been in practice for at least 5 years, has completed at least 250 hours of coaching with at least 20 clients, has completed at least 32 hours of training per year and has undergone regular supervision.

Coaching Areas

There are two broad areas of work. However, there is always overlap, and often one area cannot be strictly separated from the other. In some cases you will find a more detailed description of each topic under the relevant link.

Life coaching
Business coaching

This includes topics such as

  • body and health

  • relationship clarifications

  • Clarification of roles in the private environment (friends, family, spouse/partner, children)

  • burnout

  • dealing with aging

  • sports performance

  • Exam preparation (exam, driving school, etc.)

This includes topics such as

I draw on many years of experience as an IT and HR manager in companies of various sizes and industries.

Areas of coaching
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