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"No serious event should permanently impair mental and physical well-being."

What drives me?

None of us are immune from emotional hurt. A variety of causes and reasons can make life feel out of whack. Symptoms can get out of hand and the prospect of a happy life seems to dwindle. I am firmly convinced that with the right support through coaching or therapy, effective methods and the right time, many things can be changed for the better.

Photo Michaela Buck

My Image of Humanity

The work with trauma survivors as well as the knowledge of neurobiology and the abilities of the brain have shaped my view of humanity and changed it over time.


People experience terrible things, as children, as adults. In doing so, the brain uses its ability to detach from unbearable memories so that life can somehow go on. And yet the effects that these stressful events of the past still have on today's life are relevant. The past cannot be changed, but the effects today can. Every human being has abilities that he or she needs for life and for their own path of healing. I deeply believe in that. And I support them in discovering and using these skills.

Social Understanding

Social responsibility plays a special role for me. As I understand it, every person would like to live in their home town, in their home country, if that is at all possible for them. That's why I think very much of making it possible to live where one's roots are.

That's why I support a girl from Ethiopia as part of a monthly sponsorship.


The practice is supplied with certified green electricity.



From "being able to listen well" to my own practice in 2010, it was an exciting and insightful path.

After growing up in the countryside near Hanover, I lived in (big) cities in Germany for many years. In the meantime, I have decided to live in the country again and have arrived happily in the Lower Rhine area.  After studying nutritional economics with a minor in applied psychology in Gießen, I held management positions in the areas of IT, HR and change management worked. I was able to get to know very different industries and develop a deep understanding of people as well as entrepreneurial processes and decisions.


After qualifying as an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy at the Essen Health Department in 2011, I worked in my own practice and as a manager until 2018. Since then I have been self-employed and support people, teams and organizations in their development. During the beginning of the corona pandemic in 2020, I founded Developing Minds GmbH and have continued my practical work within this company ever since. More information about the offer in the B2B environment can be found



  • Society for Psychotraumatology and Violence Research (GPTG)

  • Association of Independent Psychotherapists, Alternative Practitioners for Psychotherapy and Psychological Counselors (VFP)

  • EMDRIA Deuschland e.V.

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC)

  • International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD)

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