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Angst, Phobie, Panik

SSP package: what is included?

An absolute prerequisite is the completion of the SSP entry form before the first appointment. This allows me to assess which approach is most suitable for you. The following procedure applies as an example if self-guided listening to SSP is possible. If the entry form recommends a different approach, we will discuss this.

  • Initial appointment of up to 60 minutes with a maximum of 15 minutes listening to SSP Core. Aim of the appointment: Perceiving the effect of music on your nervous system, clarifying questions

  • 2 appointments of up to 30 minutes, each with a maximum of 15 minutes of listening to SSP Core for as well as a preliminary and follow-up discussion

  • During the term of SSP Core contact via messenger (WhatsApp, Threema or Signal) or via email to exchange experiences and clarify queries, if necessary also by phone

  • 30 min final discussion after listening to SSP Core

  • Access to SSP Balance (the mid-modulated music) for a period of 3 months after the final interview

An extension of SSP Balance is possible for 3 months at a time.
A repetition of SSP Core is possible after 6 months at the earliest for a fee.


After the binding booking you will receive beforehand:

  • Technical information and information on app installation

  • Two assessments that you can use as a pre- and post-assessment for yourself

  • Activation for SSP Connect (the unmodulated music), which you can listen to as needed to get in the mood until the start of SSP Core (e.g. to get to know the songs already)

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